A team of digital transformation enablers

Our structure

MeetPDC is a modern company, ready to face the challenges of the future of business. We hold an extremely agile and streamlined structure that guarantees total mobility, fresh innovation and perfect focusing on each and every customer.

The team of engineers at MeetPDC is the beating heart of the company, as they are responsible for developing and constantly improving the platform’s architecture, making it more streamlined, robust, secure and user-friendly every day.

Highly qualified and with extensive experience in developing complex technological and digital solutions, the members of this department are in charge of every stage of the process of creating, developing and implementing the tool, following strict reliability and information security criteria.

Our consultancy experts work directly in house with our customers from two complementary perspectives: IT and Business Optimization. Regarding IT consultancy, they analyze our customer's software ecosystem in order to guarantee an optimal symbiotic enhancement between MeetPDC and customer’s IT clouds. Our Business Optimization specialists learn in detail all operational workflows within departments and design specific business strategies that boost synergies between them.


Our Support Team specialists are available to all our customers for any assistance they may need at any time. They work hand by hand with customer’s platform administrators, training them during implementation and giving support for any issue or doubt they may have when using MeetPDC. Along with that, they also assist regular users via ticketing system.


Our Integration specialists study potential use cases between MeetPDC and other software suites and develop standardized and reusable solutions.


Our content team provide advice on marketing and content management processes. At a first level, they are responsible for organizing and updating all the communication elements generated by our customers.


MeetPDC Customer Success team guide companies towards a better usage of platform’s capabilities, giving them an overall better ROI. They follow up commercial and IT feedbacks and are responsible of translating user opinions and real use cases to MeetPDC team, so that we keep improving the system.


Our team of marketing and communication experts provide agency services to create any kind of content our customers may need (communications strategies, audiovisual content, writing, graphic and digital design, etc.).


Always in a 360º approach